Home Study Approved by CHLSS of Minnesota

Sara & Lee (with Bomber the dog)
Sara & Lee Rostad (with Bomber the dog)

Hi! We’re the Rostads, Sara and Lee. We met in college in 2003, were married in 2008, and own a home in the suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. We’re an active and energetic couple, excited to grow our family through open adoption. We are Home Study Approved by Children’s Home Society/Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota.

Sara on drums, Lee on guitar (back left). With Matt on bass (front left), Chris on guitar (right), and Chris’s daughter Lena on maraca (center).

Sara works as a process engineer, and Lee is a copywriter. In our free time, we play music together, enjoy outdoor and athletic activities, cook with our weekly C.S.A. share and veggies we grow in our own garden, and create new memories through travel.

Root root root for the... away team? Supporting the Twins in Seattle, WA
Root root root for the… away team? Supporting the Twins in Seattle, WA

We can’t wait to share our adventurous life with an adopted little one. If adoption is your option, or that of someone you know, consider the Rostadoption. Please contact us if you’re interested in discussing your adoption plan with a happy family who are looking to get a little bigger.