We hope you had a fun and safe holiday! All Hallow’s Eve has always been one of our favorite. Sara and I both love dressing up and being goofy as “someone else” for a day. We usually put our own costumes together, and this year was no exception. Using a few select items we already had on hand, some sewing and crafting supplies, and a WHOLE BUNCH of fake fur coats from Ragstock, we created our Jon Snow and Ygritte of the Free Folk costumes. (Heads up, Game of Thrones fans.) As you can see, they turned out pretty darned well!

“You know nothing” – Sara

In addition to our yearly ‘stumes, the Rostads have a few other Halloween traditions. One of these is our Spooky Night Out with our friends, Rachel and Brandon (a.k.a. Bernie). Every year, we find a different Halloween attraction to take in. For our 3rd Annual Spooky Night Out, we went to the Phantom’s Feast at the Trail of Terror in Shakopee, Minnesota.

L to R: Bernie, Rachel, Sara & Lee
L to R: Bernie, Rachel, Sara & Lee

It was kind of like dinner theater, except the theater part is ghost stories and tales of supernatural encounters that have happened in the area. (The dinner part was delicious!) As the Trail of Terror is at the same location as the Minnesota Renaissance Festival—which has been around since like 1970—there were plenty of tales to be told. I was one of several audience members who participated in part of the show, helping the host conduct a “séance” to contact a spirit on the grounds. Things got more than a little creepy, and while I’d like to say that I know it was fake… I’m not 100% sure!

Our other Halloween tradition is carving jack o’ lanterns. While we can’t pull off anything like the contestants on Halloween Wars, I’d still say we carve a mean pumpkin. I think the stem-for-a-nose guy we did this year is especially cool!


The only Halloween tradition we don’t take part in is trick-or-treating. We hand out candy to the costumed kids who come around every year, but we haven’t a little one of our own to shepherd around the neighborhood. We’re both looking forward to upping our duo-costume skills to trio-costume creation, and taking our little gentleman or lady out for his or her yearly candy crawl. Maybe you can help!

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If adoption is your option, consider the Rostadoption! Happy Halloween to one and all!