The Rostads. The Rostad Family. Team Rostad. There’s Sara and Lee (kinda like the snack cakes–“nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee”), a happy couple who’ve been together for over a dozen years and married for more than eight.

Sara & Lee Rostad, Milwaukee, Wisc. Independence Day 2014

Then there’s our adopted feline and canine children. First to join Team Rostad was Raoul Chichi Rodriguez. Chichi for short. He’s a good boy. He was a birthday gift from Sara’s sister, Beth, back in 2005, when Chichi was just about six weeks old. He’s been our sweet Mr. Mankins ever since.

Chichi, expertly hiding under the rug.
Chichi, expertly hiding under the rug.

Next to join our family was Bombay Louise Snickelfritz, a.k.a. Bomber. She’s an Alsatian Shepherd (pretty much just a smaller, stockier German Shepherd) who we adopted in fall 2008, just shy of her first puppy dog birthday. Bomber is the happiest, friendliest doggie in the whole wide world. She’ll be your best friend. In fact, if you’ve met her even for a second, she already is.

Bomber, stoppin' to smell the flowers.
Bomber, stoppin’ to smell the flowers.

Third up was Professor Gustav Augustus Lecarpetron von Braun, Dr. Gus Gus L. Brown for short (’cause his ear floof sorta makes him look like Doc Brown from Back to the Future), Gus Gus for even shorter. We added Gus to the crew just a few years ago in 2014, when he was a wee lad of two months. He’s a Maine Coon Cat, and so will one day be gigantic. He’s pretty gigantic already, actually, and he won’t be done growing for another two-and-a-half years or so.

Gus Gus
Gus Gus says, “Let me see that camera, friend!”

That’s the Rostad family. So far. We’d love to add a two-legged, non-furry child (as in a human one) to our family. If adoption is your option, or that of someone you know, please consider the Rostadoption. Please contact us if you’re interested in discussing your adoption plan with a happy family who’re looking to get a little bigger.