Dear Expectant Parent,

We are thrilled that you found your way to our website. It’s lovely to meet you!

We are Sara and Lee, and we’re excited to grow our family through open adoption. You may be considering the option of developing an adoption plan… So, perhaps we already have something in common?! Knowing that, we would appreciate the opportunity to get to know one another further.

Go Twins! Fan Appreciation Weekend 2016 at Target Field. Hooray "Free Stocking Cap Night"!
Go Twins! Fan Appreciation Weekend 2016 at Target Field. Hooray “Free Stocking Cap Night”!

We don’t have any kids yet, but we are sure looking forward to parenthood. Adoption is our choice because it is close to our families (with adopted relatives on both sides), we see it as a beautiful partnership, and we are prepared for and appreciative of the uniqueness adoption brings to the life of a family.

We also want you to know that we are the premiere future-coolest-parents. This may sound like a shameless brag, but some supporting facts behind that assessment include:

  • We met while working at Hot Topic when we were college undergrads
  • Sara plays drums and ukulele, and Lee plays guitar and all sorts of other instruments (extra bonus points… we’re in not one but two bands together)
  • We celebrate holidays, birthdays, and National _____ Days (Pet Day, Donut Day, Taco Tuesday, etc.) to the absolute fullest
  • We have dancing skills like you wouldn’t believe
  • Making great memories is our highest priority, so we travel often, act as local tourists, and get creative with our weekend festivities
  • Lee has a really rad job as a copywriter, and Sara is an MBA Six Sigma Process Engineer (she finds the best ways to do things for the least money)
  • We volunteer often because giving back is awesome and it feels good
  • We have gotten outstanding feedback on our parenting styles from our three adopted pets and human nieces and nephew
R.C. Trouble performing at our friends' wedding in 2014. #baritoneukulele
R.C. Trouble performing at our friends’ wedding in 2014. #baritoneukulele

Now, how about you? It’s really neat that you are looking at the adoption process. We hope that you are finding the resources that you need to be healthy and make the best decisions for you and baby. It would be so wonderful to talk with you. If you would like to connect with us, please contact us at

No matter your next steps and future decision, we wish you well and extend our sincerest thanks for your time in visiting our website. If so inclined, you can also follow our family adventures on Twitter and Instagram by searching for @rostadoption.